Monster Hunting, By The Numbers – A Statistical Analysis of Rewards

I was so excited the first time I was able to hunt a level 2 monster.  I mean, just look at the rewards listed for them!  To be able to pull them in, even at increased energy cost, would be incredible.  And on my first hunt…I received 10k wood.

When my guild could finally take down a level 2 monster I was convinced that the guild-wide reward box would contain something of incredible value.  So we buckled down, worked together, blew some energy items, and finally had the opportunity to find out what was inside.  Again, disappointment was the order of the day.

Once I got over this disappointment I started wondering how different the rewards for each level of monster really were?  Maybe we just got unlucky on our first one or two.  And did you get a bonus for landing the killing blow?  Were rewards different based on castle level?  So I set about recording some numbers to address those questions, and was surprised by some of the answers

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