Beginners Guide to Guild Bash

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Guild Bash is a guild event that occurs regularly in Lords Mobile that allows you and your guild to earn points doing regular daily activities towards a fun monster-summoning prize!

Let’s dive into the details…


Guild Bash requires guild members to perform specific tasks to earn points.  These points are accumulated in a collective pool for the guild and, much like solo or hell events, have three tiers that provide increasingly valuable prizes.  You will earn points for the following activities:

  • Leading a successful darknest rally
  • Hunting monsters
  • Donating excess items
  • Completing hell events

The points awarded are based on the relative difficulty of the task for darknests and monster hunts.


Completing hell events provides a very large number of points.  These are difficult, but members should try to plan large construction and research projects to end sometime during Guild Bash and use speedups to complete hell events for the bonus points.

Monster hunts are limited only by your guild’s available activity and energy, so make sure that at the very least all of your members are using all of their energy each day.  Energy boosts help; getting everyone onboard for a few days helps a lot more.  Focus on level 1 monsters; for the energy they provide far more points than higher level monsters because of the kill bonus.

The number of Darknests that contribute points are limited during the event duration.  Have anyone who can take out higher level nests run those, while weaker members knock out the lower level DNs.  Even just two mid level castles can easily take out a string of level 1 DNs in short order with a series of 5-minute rallies, racking up a few hundred thousand points.

Donating really doesn’t provide many points, and is only worthwhile if you need a few points to put you over the top or have a vast overage of some particular crafting item that you’ll never use.  I feel like donations will become more worth it when you’re approaching castle level 25 and have moved beyond the non-monster crafted gear.


Rewards for Guild Bash are a little different than other events.  Reaching a tier gives your guild the ability to summon a special monster.  This monster has a huge store of hit points, and provides a special bonus when killed.  Hitting tiers 2 and 3 gives you the ability to summon this special monster multiple times.

In our case the monster was a Hoarder.  I believe the monster changes each event, but I would assume that the rewards are relatively constant, especially since they appeared to be pretty generic this time around.

The entire guild receives a summon bonus when the monster is summoned, and a kill bonus when the monster is killed.  There are no rewards for hitting it.  However, since the kill goes to whatever guild delivers the killing blow, you’ll want to summon it within your hive when as many guildies as possible are online.  If it’s not difficult to click on the monster because of the sheer number of guildies hitting it, then you’re doing something wrong.

You’ll find your summon and kill bonuses mixed in with all of your other monster hunting loot.  Make sure you open it before it gets lost in the flood of normal monster loot so you don’t lose it!

I honestly found the rewards to be a little lackluster, given the difficulty of the event.  What I received was nothing to complain too much about, but I saw a number of guildies receiving no more than a total of 24-30 hours of speedups.  While that’s definitely good, you could accumulate that pretty easily from normal play and this event took an insane amount of focus and effort over several days…though that might just be because we were shooting for two summons.

Final Thoughts

This was a relatively fun event.  I liked the constant teamwork required for darknests, while monster hunts kept individuals busy on their own schedule between the raids.  Though I wish you got some credit for hitting phase one of a hell event instead of having to complete it; I expended my entire store of research speedups (over two weeks worth) completing 7 projects just to finish one hell event.  I say this not because I want more, easy points, but because bringing a third point source into the realm of realistic possibility would get more people trying for it, meaning more activity and more fun.

Even though the rewards for killing the monster were not fantastic, this event paid off in a number of other ways for us.  We peaked out at 250 monster kills / day bringing in a huge stream of mats and speedups.  And we managed a few level 4 darknests which we don’t usually do, providing many with some level 10+ essences to play with.  So it’s definitely worth getting your guild excited about.

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