Rewards For Kingdom Hunters KvK

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I tend to be a relatively cautious player in trying new things, and have noticed that many events are targeted on the max-level P2P end-game players, so there are some things I get into far too late.  KvK is one of those things.

I usually try searching online before trying these sorts of things, but in Lords Mobile that is usually a fruitless endeavor.  I found content like this guide, or this video, which provide intermediate to advanced tactical discussions, but don’t touch upon the framework and rewards to get that KvK noob started.

I finally gave it a shot, and after my first foray into the KvK world, I wanted to start by providing an overview of the activities and rewards for others wondering.


KvK does pit kingdoms against one another, but even low level castles can take part in some of the activities.  There is no overarching war, like you see for wonders.  Instead, you earn points as an individual, as a guild, and as a kingdom by performing one of these tasks:

  • Kill troops or destroy traps in another kingdom
  • Attack and kill monsters in another kingdom
  • Gather resources in another kingdom
  • Crazy wonder stuff that doesn’t apply to us F2P players

These points go into a progress bar much like those in solo or hell events, and when you reach a certain point you will earn rewards.

It looks like the ‘hunters’ part is just a modification to classic KvK, which gives double points for attacking a kingdom designated as your target, while your kingdom is designated as another kingdom’s target. Every few hours the targeting reverses. These double points only appear to apply to wonders and kills; not monster hunting or gathering.

The KvK period appears as three separate events, and any points earned apply to all three events:

Solo War

Solo war has three stages with rewards that resemble a solo or hell event. The first two tiers provided mediocre rewards, but the final tier provided extremely high value compared to solo or hell events. In my particular case, at castle level 21, it included 6 each of some 15 different legendary monster boxes.

There are also rewards for your score vs other players within the same kingdom group (I’m guessing). These rewards seemed mediocre; I reached rank 55 and received the equivalent of a tier 2 solo event reward.

Difficulty of the solo war tiers was low; it required some 500k points to reach tier 3. As I was only castle level 21 I relied on monster hunting and gathering. The vast majority of my points came from gathering ore, which brought in some 5k points per minute with four armies out. I would have had to kill several thousand troops per minute in attacks to match that, which hardly seemed worth it. I was able to complete the tier 3 reward in under 3 hours.

Guild War

This part of the event worked similar to the solo war. However, rewards at each level were special ‘guild war chests’. I do not know what these contained as my guild was not active enough to achieve one (if someone wants to comment with details I’ll edit it into my post, otherwise I’ll stop back next time around when I get to open one). There also appeared to be additional bonuses for guilds who place near the top when compared to other guilds in the kingdom group.

Tier 1 of the guild war rewards required some 4.5m points, so 9 players achieving their tier 3 solo rewards would earn a tier 1 guild reward.


I joined a new guild since this was written, and we made it to tier 3 on the guild war rewards.  The guild chests contained the following:

Kingdom War

This appears to be a straight up comparison against the other three kingdoms in your kingdom group. The winning kingdom gets high level gem loads; other get decreasing quality of gem loads.

Gem loads are gathering nodes that appear on the world map and can be gathered very quickly:

  • Level 1 nodes contain 10 gems
  • Level 2 nodes contain 50 gems
  • Level 3 nodes contain 100 gems
  • Level 4 nodes contain 200 gems
  • Level 5 nodes contain 500 gems

With four armies out at once and level 4 gem harvesting I could bring in some 15-20 gems per minute (6/minute/node while gathering) while the nodes lasted. In the first 50 minutes I mined almost 1000 gems, mostly from level 2 nodes, which was more than I had expected from the way people talk about these nodes.


You can take part and get sizable rewards even with a low level castle if you’re willing to be active for a few hours during the event.

For solo rewards I advise a random relocator into a kingdom that you are not the target of. Immediately 4-hour shield and then start sending out gathering armies. Pull back any armies that are attacked; this probably won’t happen often. Within a few hours you’ll have your solo rewards.

If your guild is active consider spending a little extra time gathering. This also could boost your solo ranking giving you a little extra reward at the end. Even if you can’t take much part in KvK your guild could help earn you some rewards.

People tend to fight over the highest level gem lodes, so keep lower level ones in mind (ie: once level 3s show up, gather at 2s). This doesn’t slow you much as you’ll usually spend less time enroute to level x-1 lodes; level xs are rarer and you’ll go way further out to find an empty one.

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