Dragon Arena Tips and Tricks

What is Dragon Arena

Dragon Arena is an event that comes around on an, as of yet, unspecified schedule, currently running about once or twice a week.  It was first released in December of 2019, and at this point is likely still evolving in terms of rewards and ranking, though I don’t expect the structure itself to change much more if past events are anything to go by.

DA is an event that all guild members can help out with, and unlike other events involves coordinated military action en-mass over the course of a one-hour match against another guild.  The rewards at this point are limited, but in my opinion it is the most fun you can have in the Lords Mobile universe.

I’ve seen DA participants, friend and foe alike, making some mistakes during the last few events, and thought I’d take some time to explore some of the basics for those still learning the ropes.  This is not meant to be an in-depth strategy guide, but will help get you on the correct path to make that journey yourself.

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Rewards For Kingdom Hunters KvK

I tend to be a relatively cautious player in trying new things, and have noticed that many events are targeted on the max-level P2P end-game players, so there are some things I get into far too late.  KvK is one of those things.

I usually try searching online before trying these sorts of things, but in Lords Mobile that is usually a fruitless endeavor.  I found content like this guide, or this video, which provide intermediate to advanced tactical discussions, but don’t touch upon the framework and rewards to get that KvK noob started.

I finally gave it a shot, and after my first foray into the KvK world, I wanted to start by providing an overview of the activities and rewards for others wondering. Continue reading “Rewards For Kingdom Hunters KvK”